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The power of creativity: double your reach

The power of creativity: double your reach

“Make quality content, and people will come to your account.” How many times have we heard this, and how long have we stopped believing these fairy tales?

Perhaps because this phrase has been heard so often, many of us have become cynical and believe that only gifs and collaboration with influencers can raise the position of an Instagram account. 

But real life proves that quality content works. To achieve this, sometimes it is worth experimenting, such as free photo shoots and increasing the number of publications. You don’t think so? Here is a case for you. Enjoy.

Client: FoodSup, an online store of food supplements for health.

Indicators on Instagram before the start of work:

  • 8 posts and stories per month;
  • templates and stock photos;
  • no video.

Task: To raise account performance as well as brand awareness.


The first challenge that immediately catches the eye is weak content: stock visuals, outdated design for publications, and lack of useful information in posts. To provide quality content, it was necessary to use additional resources. To show this need, it was decided to improve the content on our own and, with the results of the work done, go to the client and defend the new work plan.

Another challenge is the lack of competent promotion.


We changed the visual aesthetics of the account. We focused on simplicity and purity of lines. We just went minimal. We concentrated on the content's originality and made a free test photo shoot. Based on it, the designers created a series of creatives for publications, which were subsequently put on promotion.

In addition to static templates, we added video content.

The number of posts increased from 8 to 15 per month. The number of stories has increased to 30 per month: one valid on the date of publication and several on days when no posts are scheduled.

The result in three months:

  • the number of subscribers increased from 122 to 760;
  • the reach of posts and stories has increased;
  • the number of clicks to the site and the page from advertising posts increased;
  • the cost of targeted advertising was reduced by 50%, with each post going to promotion.


Having shown the client the effectiveness of the tools we offered, we were not only able to improve the quality of the content, thereby improving its performance on Instagram but also gained the client's trust, as we demonstrated a real interest in the development of the brand.

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Dmytro Murga

Dmytro Murga

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