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SMM - social media marketing services in agency 🌐


Only a small percentage of businesses today can operate without social media promotion.

We have been specializing in integrated SMM for 8 years. Interactive, transparent, interesting for potential customers and effective for business - these are the results we achieve in the course of our work. How do we do it?

  • We analyze and create strategies that work
  • We write content plans
  • We generate bright and catchy content in any format
  • Develop and moderate profiles, pages, and communities
  • We bring customers and clients from social networks
  • We know everything about targeting

Why should you delegate your SMM to us? Because we are an integrated digital marketing agency with extensive experience in PPC and performance. SMM promotion today is not just about beautiful content and interesting words. Platforms are limiting organic reach every year, thus encouraging business profiles to buy ads. And setting up advertising campaigns is our absolute superpower.

To successfully solve clients' business problems in social networks, Svitsoft specialists such as SMM Head, SMM strategist, account manager, creative, copywriter, designer, moderator, and targetologist work on each project.

12 years of experience in targeting
Thorough expertise in all content formats
SMM strategies for any niche