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AI tools that will be useful for the SMM in 2024

AI tools that will be useful for the SMM in 2024

The year 2023 was marked as the time when artificial intelligence (AI) became an integral part of the life of various professions, including students, designers, marketers, and teachers. The use of AI has greatly simplified their work, opening new horizons of possibilities.

According to Forbes forecasts for 2024, AI will continue to gain momentum and increase its influence in various areas of life. Therefore, let's talk about its possibilities in the field of content marketing.

Its use in content marketing in 2024 opens up endless possibilities for developing content, optimizing strategies, and increasing the effectiveness of campaigns.

Here are some of the best tools AI offers to make life easier:

Text optimization

DeepL Write is one of the company's products that not so long ago offered the market "the best translator in the world," which helps paraphrase texts, select synonyms, and change them in the chosen style. This is a powerful assistant that will help make your texts more alive. At the peak of popularity, AI trends will help you find synonyms, check the text for errors, and rewrite it in the style you need.

LanguageTool is a multilingual application that helps users check grammar, style, and spelling. It includes an AI-based sentence rewording function and a special style guide. The paraphrased sentences are on par with other apps like Wordtune, and the grammar and spelling level is on par with Grammarly.

Jasper.AI is a real find for anyone who works with texts in English.

It helps create various text content, from Instagram posts and descriptions for Pinterest pins to entire blog articles. You choose the type of content you need to create from among the possible options the AI offers. In addition, you can specify the tone of voice and keywords that should be in the text.


Adobe Photoshop is on trend because, after the update in 2023, designers can generate objects with the help of AI, change certain areas of the photo, or transfer objects from real photos to other universes. Not only does it help realize the most ambitious fantasies for photo content, it can do the same with video.

ChatGPT is a game changer that has captivated the attention of millions of people in the field of artificial intelligence. It can help not only with texts, ideas, and tables but also create graphic content. It helps visualize the strangest ideas and works great with text on those visuals. This feature is only available by subscription, as this version works in real-time.

Canva, one of the simplest editors, also did not stand still and decided to integrate artificial intelligence into its product in order to automate and optimize the design process. In-house AI now helps with automatically adapting designs to different formats, generation of textual content, suggestions for design improvements, improvement of image quality, placement of designs on product mockups for visualization, and quick background removal from images. These features simplify the creation of professional designs, making the process more efficient and accessible to users of all skill levels.

Creating video content

Murf AI  converts text into human speech, voiceover, or dictation. Many professionals actively use the application for voicing projects. The user can edit the voiceover using the settings, choosing the most natural sounding option, playback speed, timbre, and even accent.

Murf AI uses advanced technologies and algorithms that allow intonation to highlight certain words, make pauses, and adjust the pitch and character of the tone. Among other functions is recording and cloning of one's own voice, as well as its change and use for various purposes. Murf AI can be integrated as an addition to Canva or Google Slides applications to create high-quality voiced presentations.

Captions automatically generate subtitles for your videos. Saves a lot of time for content creators in TikTok or Instagram. Provide the user with several subtitle options to choose from.

Invideo AI creates video based on a user-generated script and helps users quickly convert text content into visual content using ready-made templates and automated personalization tools.

Intuitive editing tools, an extensive library of media resources, and the ability to add voice comments and subtitles greatly simplify the process of creating a professional video. Such technology makes the production of video content accessible and efficient, providing the opportunity to implement creative ideas without the need to possess specialized video production skills.


We expect that this year, the AI-based projects mentioned above will continue developing, offering even more innovative solutions for SMM.

From text content and design to video production, AI tools will become even more powerful, providing marketers new opportunities for creativity and efficiency.

We expect new features to appear, improvements to existing tools, and the growth of their integration into everyday content creation processes. This is a time when marketers must stay alert to what's new in the world of AI, adapting and integrating these cutting-edge technologies into their strategies to stay one step ahead in the dynamic world of digital marketing.

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