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META (Facebook) Ads

Meta (Facebook) Ads

We have been creating and optimizing Facebook advertising campaigns since the advent of this marketing tool and use all its performance capabilities. That's why most of our clients work with us for an average of 2+ years.

To ensure that your Facebook campaigns always have an optimized cost and high efficiency, we do the following:

  • Carefully select the campaign goals that match your sales marketing strategy
  • Specialize in lead generation
  • We constantly test audiences and formats
  • We set up audiences for remarketing and Look-a-Like
  • We segment and detail the target audience so that the ad is shown only to those who need to see it
  • We make decisions based on data and determine the timeframe for evaluating efficiency in advance

Our specialists have a thorough understanding of Facebook Ads Policies and the specifics of advertising products from more than 20 niches on this platform. In our daily work, we monitor more than 8 indicators for the successful progress of campaigns and dashboards to ensure accurate and understandable reports for our clients.

200+ successful B2B and B2C campaigns
Meta Business Partner
Experience in dozens of niches
Proven and working strategies
High CTR
Reasonable and justified budgets