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Facebook Reach: how to increase > 540% thanks to SMM

Facebook Reach: how to increase > 540% thanks to SMM

According to the studies, organic coverage is only 5,20% of the total number of likes on the page. Therefore, making unique and diverse content to attract as much audience as possible is essential.

We considered examples of Facebook pages of new residential real estate buildings in Kyiv and our client's development company.

 Problem: Reducing the coverage of pages and posts due to the uniformity of visual content.

 Decision: Testing different types of visual content. Based on the nowadays "king" of content - video.

We started with the most straightforward - slide shows and GIFs. Network algorithms increase their organic reach because they are in mp4 format on Facebook servers.

Such actions had a definite result and response but could have improved significantly. The reason is that the current policy of Facebook ranks better videos lasting 1 minute and the best option - videos lasting 3 minutes or more.

During experiments, we increased organic traffic by 49%. The posts, illustrated with photos, and the slide show had a single topic -- the progress of the residential complex construction. We analyzed the difference in organic reach between posts with illustrated slideshows and videos. The subject of the posts is the benefits of another residential property client.

The result: organic reach increased by 45%, indicating that overall videos and slideshows have a higher percentage of reach and audience engagement.

Using the same social media page, we tracked the difference in organic reach between a post with a video and a post with a slideshow. The theme of the posts was identical - the fauna of the residential complex—the result: a 34% increase in organic reach. The statistics of the posts on the page showed the effectiveness of video twice more than photos. 

 We decided to add a captioned video (video with subtitles). The result was impressive: video posts shot directly for the client with their shots received more than five times more coverage than posts illustrated with photos and short GIFs.

Facebook-охоплення: збільшення на понад 540% завдяки SMM фото 9

Facebook-охоплення: збільшення на понад 540% завдяки SMM фото 10

 (Organic coverage of video RC 1 with its staff - 1013 people)

(Video with own footage of RC 2 has organic coverage - 516 people)

 At the same time, edited videos from stock footage had much worse results - the coverage was only two times or less.

Facebook-охоплення: збільшення на понад 540% завдяки SMM фото 11

(Video with stock footage on RC 1 client covered 186 people)

 Facebook-охоплення: збільшення на понад 540% завдяки SMM фото 12

(Video of RC 2 clients with stock footage that covered 319 people)

So we decided to leave short slideshows and GIFs to diversify photo content and long caption videos.

Conclusion: Increasing video content leads to increased engagement and interaction with the audience. 

But the quality and duration of the video are critical. A regular slideshow will not have the same coverage as, for example, a professionally shot video. Therefore, ideally, you need to order professional videos.

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Dmytro Murga

Dmytro Murga

SMM Director

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