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Two key metrics for a Fb Ads campaign

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Two key metrics for a Fb Ads campaign

According to Byron Sharp, growth in market share comes by increasing brand popularity and gaining new buyers. There is also a 70% probability that a brand will be in the consumer's basket if it stays top of mind with consumers. 

How can advertisers use this insight? It is known that there are two levels of building brand awareness: basic and complex. Basic is the first phase, you have seen the product at the point of sale, and complex is the second phase when you’ve learned about the product from advertising.

The brand must be noticed and remembered to build awareness through advertising. It is crucial not just to attract the attention of the brand but to scale the coverage of the target audience within the campaign.

Reach and frequency are key metrics for almost any advertising campaign, including Facebook. But advertisers often sacrifice the frequency of contact with an advertising message in favor of reach and optimize their campaigns according to this indicator. 

The importance of frequency is underestimated, but it is the optimization of this indicator that can increase the effectiveness of the advertising campaign and will lead to an increase in several brand indicators: increase the knowledge of advertising and increase the intention to perform the target action. The question is still relevant: what frequency of contact with an advertising message is the most effective?

Facebook research has shown that higher frequency positively affects changing user behavior towards the brand. At the same time, when reaching a certain number of impressions of the same ad per user, there is a decrease in its effectiveness. 

The so-called plateau is reached, which indicates the point of diminishing return, and the advertiser receives less and less benefit from reaching the same person.

The optimal frequency for an advertiser is up to 5 contacts with an advertisement per user a week. Reducing the return at a frequency of 6+ levels the effectiveness of investment in the same advertising message and does not significantly affect the growth of the desired indicators.

To maximize the effect of the budget spent, it is important to update the creative when the ad reaches the point of diminishing returns. It is also important to remember that the optimal frequency of each specific advertising campaign may vary, and the main factor that affects this is the quality of creatives.

The increase in the frequency of contact does not compensate for the low quality of the creative - the plateau of ‘bad’ creatives is reached much faster, and advertising investments lose their effectiveness. 

Only regular testing of creatives for each cluster group of the brand's target audience and their optimization according to the level of response will extend the life of the advertising message and increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.


Research by the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science at the University of South Australia, Byron Sharp Facebook IQ research, November 2019 - March 2020.

Results of 2439 Brand Lift campaigns for CPG, Technology, Financial Services, E-commerce, Travel, and Retail clients in NA, LATAM, and EMEA.

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