Case: Branding and Website

Client: Inwood House

Topic: Real estate

Country: Lithuania

Period: spring 2022-autumn 2023

List of services: branding, website development, content marketing

Our client — a country cottage complex of 18 houses not far from the Lithuanian capital — contacted us for the services of "turnkey branding for developers" and website development for a real estate project. In this article, we will tell you and show you our results.

The peculiarity of this project for us was not only that Inwood became the first project for us at the European market, on which we worked in the war conditions in Ukraine and the bombing of Kyiv during the spring and summer of 2022.

Another feature of it was that we were guided by evidence-based marketing in our work. This means that instead of artificially assigning brand values, we made decisions based on specialized statistical studies. This technology allows not only the reduction of the risks of wasted marketing costs but also the calculation of the success of a project or advertising campaign even before it enters the market.



Creation of a logo for the project

Selected company colors and what they symbolize

Creation of renderings

Design of billboards and citylights for the project

Design of social networks of the new complex

Website development and content creation

The mobile version of the site

Naming development

The meaning of Inwood is mentioned in the word "wood". That means "forest". And the name of the complex means "in the middle of the forest" or "in the middle of the wood". This cozy name describes the essence of the project - a residential complex hidden from everyone. Silence, the forest, the promise of comfort - everything is inside this name. The name is similar to small towns in England and the USA, for example, Greenwood, Hollywood, Inglewood. Settlements are usually formed in or near the forest.

Inwood offers an escape from city noise, moving to nature, surrounding yourself with comfort, and removing everything unnecessary. The name consists of the simplest and most famous English words. It is easy to pronounce and convenient for branding - compact, with clear associations and several symbols.

Creation of a logo

The logo is based on a stylized image of pine trees, which continue the name of the facade above the letters I.N.W.D., and the roof of the house above the letters O. A handwritten font was chosen for easier perception of the name, as well as to emphasize informality and a sense of freedom in the territory of the residential complex. In combination, the logo depicts life among nature - the main meaning of the residential complex and the future of its residents.


Selected brand colors and what they symbolize

The main company color is anthracite. Additional colors are dark gray and light gray.

Monochrome is chosen to emphasize the forest in the name of the cottage town - nothing extra, only trees and silence around.


Creation of renderings

Several perspectives were chosen for renderings - the project from a bird's eye view, the buildings themselves, and the general plan of the streets.

The rendering of the master plan is one of the most important images for the website; it is a direct showcase of products. A bird's-eye view shows the location, street grid, site geometry, buildings, and infrastructure.

A rendering with a view of the cottage forms a visual image and gives a potential buyer a basic idea of the project. The images show architectural and structural solutions, the surrounding area, building materials, and the landscape

Design of billboards and city lights for the project

Our brand books for residential real estate always include designs for outdoor offline advertising. And although this type of advertising in real estate marketing has long given way to digital marketing, this does not mean that offline can already be forgotten. Therefore, this element is always present in our brand books.

Design of social networks of the new building

Branding of a residential complex or developer should be comprehensive and broadcast through all channels. Strengthening the presence in social networks can lead to increased interest of buyers and investors. Potential customers often look for information on the Internet, including on social networks, before making a purchase decision. Therefore, for our clients, we also develop the appearance of their pages on such channels as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

We create cool brands and websites not only for real estate. Do you want to know more? We are always in touch!

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Website development and content creation

We have developed the structure of the project site so that a potential buyer can get answers to all questions that may arise: the main advantages and features of the complex, comprehensive information about each of the cottages, news, and progress of construction, location on the map, transport junction and availability of infrastructure facilities.

A separate block is devoted to the technical specification of the project and construction materials used by the developer.

Currently, the state and banks are actively supporting energy efficiency in the Baltic States. When buying apartments in new houses with energy efficiency class A, the mortgage rate is 0%. Also, new projects are required to have ventilation with recuperation, which allows residents to save on heating. And also solar panels for the electricity of all public places. By the way, all houses in the EU will be required to have them from 12/31/2027.

On the layout page, by clicking on any of the houses, you can get full information about it, as well as view renderings of the interior decoration.

In a separate block, you can also see the location on the map and the distance to natural attractions, entertainment, supermarkets, hospitals, and educational institutions.

The mobile version of the website

The lion's share of traffic to a developer's or residential complex's website comes from mobile devices. The mobile version of the website is an important component of a successful online strategy for a developer, helping to attract an audience, increase the level of user comfort, and maintain competitiveness. So, of course, we paid enough attention to the site's adaptability for all devices.

Feedback form

The form has three fields — name, phone, and additional message. Thus, the sales department will have the necessary minimum required for the initial processing of the Lead.

The possibility of quick communication with the sales department must necessarily accompany each block. The most optimal option is the messenger widget in the lower right part of the screen.

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