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How to achieve stable results in a Lead Generation Ads campaign in real estate?

How to achieve stable results in a Lead Generation Ads campaign in real estate?
Client: “Parkove Misto” Residential Real Estate Complex

The project has been built since 2009 and has 24 finished houses. The hallmark of this complex is a large green area: parks and lakes. A new 7th stage is currently under construction.

Our task: To create a Lead Generation campaign with stable and inexpensive results.

Before we get started, we:

  • Analyzed competitors.
  • Highlighted the priority target audience and the benefits as well as advantages of the residential complex.
  • Studied the forums and gathered more detailed and specific information.


What was done to optimize Ads Campaign Lead Generation:

               1. Work on Creatives


              2. Work on Audiences

The following audiences have been selected:

  • The standard audience for real estate interests
  • Businessmen and business owners
  • Users are interested in sports + business and cars
  • Parents with adult children
  • Regularly travel abroad
  • Remarketing and Look-alike audiences
  • An audience of young parents and families with children
  • An audience of lawyers and jurisprudence
  • An audience of doctors and health
  • IT specialists, additional leisure

3. Work on Sponsored Links

During the work with the Lead Generation campaign at the level of ad groups, we used 2 life hacks:

  1. We duplicated well-performing ad groups and scaled those groups that worked best.
  2. Launched disabled ad groups that used to work well in the past. 


For 10 months of work, the lead price did not rise above 3. 65 $.

The results of the Ads campaign for the selected period: 1,456 leads with an average price of 3. 11 $


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Igor Morozov

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