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Pros and Cons of Chat GPT for SEO

Pros and Cons of Chat GPT for SEO

Today, I would like to talk about quite actively discussed issues, for example:

"And how to use Chat GPT for SEO optimization?",

"How can SEO specialists use Chat GPT to promote projects?"

"What should I do? Chat GPT has filled the entire space, and I will soon be out of a job!" and others.

So, let's thoroughly understand what "GPT Chat" is in the context of SEO optimization. Chat GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a powerful artificial intelligence that has attracted widespread attention in almost all professional fields. One of the main advantages of Chat GPT is that it can help you develop content, apps, and more.

It didn't get any clearer, unfortunately.

*Chat GPT itself generated this text… He probably wanted to confuse us….

So, let's manually check its effectiveness and whether all SEO specialists must quit their jobs.

We will check five main stages of site optimization, namely:

  • Collecting the semantic core
  • Writing meta tags
  • Writing text
  • Analysis of competitors' highlights and technical audit of the site
  • The strategy of the buildup of the reference mass

For example, let's take the English-language website for the sale of CBD products -

Semantic core collection using Chat GPT

We are going to the page and enter the following text: "Create the semantic core for the page"

Chat GPT collection of semantic core

Wow! But… as we can see, our AI has chosen completely irrelevant keywords. Well, we will continue.

Chat GPT collection of semantic core

Well, in general, this is what suits us more. From here, we simply select keywords, and we can move on.

At this stage, it is still difficult to say whether this artificial intelligence will help us because the time spent was even more than when collecting the core manually.

Writing Meta tags

We have collected the core and need to write meta tags. Let's add to those that he collected those that I found. Let's go!

Chat GPT writing meta tags

If you add the right keywords, Chat GPT can generate more or less good meta tags that you can insert on the site.

Another test, if there is no semantic core but just a page:

Chat GPT writing meta tags

And now we can conclude that meta tags chat writes extremely well. We can use it for fast writing.

Writing text

We move on to the third stage — writing of texts. Let's develop a technical task with the help of our artificial intelligence:

Chat GPT writing a technical task for SEO text

Yes, it's not bad here. All possible requirements are entered.

Chat GPT writing a technical task for SEO text

And here it's really cool. The structure is written, and everything is pretty good.

Chat GPT even set a deadline... Now, we move on to writing the text.

Chat GPT writing SEO text

The text is written. Quite good, all the aspects that were needed were explained.

Let's move on to the plagiarism check:

Chat GPT writing SEO text

The uniqueness is 100%.

But this chat gives quite general data. That is when analyzing competitors, it is possible to highlight several important points in the structure of the text, as well as disclose some essential issues. For example, add facts about health, etc.

So, our Chat GPT is good at making meta tags and writing technical tasks for writing texts. People actually write texts and collect semantic cores better.

Analysis of competitors' highlights and technical audit of the site

Next, we have an analysis of competitors' best features. We immediately kill the corresponding request and see what happens.

Site analysis using Chat GPT

As we can see, artificial intelligence gives general recommendations about the technical state of the site, as well as about the best features that we could borrow from our competitors.

The strategy of the buildup of the reference mass

Let's check whether the algorithms of the miracle machine will be able to create a strategy for the buildup of the reference mass for us.

Site analysis using Chat GPT

As we can see, the robot here also only shows general recommendations. Unfortunately, we cannot use them in our work.


Chat GPT can be a valuable SEO tool, but it's essential to use it wisely and understand its limitations. While this can help with content creation and keyword research, it's not a panacea for all SEO problems. Website owners should consider the pros and cons of using Chat GPT for their SEO efforts before incorporating it into their overall strategy.

*The text is written by the miracle machine “Chat GPT.”

So, I will summarize. Chat GPT is a very nice tool optimizers can use to speed up their work. It can be used to write meta tags or improve your work in copywriting. But in everything else, SEO optimizers will still be necessary.

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