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News Google March core/spam Update 2024. Main aspects

News Google March core/spam Update 2024. Main aspects

Many SEO specialists consider this as one of the biggest updates in the last ten years. 

The update started on March 5 and will last about one month. It mostly applies to content generated by artificial intelligence, which is why some sites can (or have already) been completely deindexed. Therefore, we recommend checking whether your main donor domains are currently in the index to avoid accidentally falling under another filter.

Main theses

Google March core/spam Update 2024

  • “Unoriginal content in search results by 40%” - as we can see from the quote, Google believes that 40% of low-quality content is currently on the Internet.
  • This update mostly concerns low-quality content, but it is also worth saying that such content will not necessarily be written by artificial intelligence. Many SEO specialists have come to the conclusion that it is difficult for search engines to analyze content and "discover" generated by artificial intelligence. That is why we can conclude that valuable content is needed, and it doesn't matter who the source of such content is 🙂
  • “No matter whether content is produced through automation, human efforts, or some combination of human and automated processes” - here we are talking about the fact that valuable content cannot be created quickly, no matter who writes it. Therefore, if thousands of pages are added to your site every day, it does not matter who writes them.

Google March core/spam Update 2024

— Google is most likely ending the era of drop domains, where you could buy any domain that previously had authority and place a casino, dating site, etc. We are talking about the relevance of the content now. For example, if the domain previously belonged to the school's website, a financial company providing lending services cannot be located there.

According to branded traffic, if the site has only organic traffic (without branded traffic), then the search engine can suspect that it is a case of "manipulative actions aimed at increasing traffic."

Google March core/spam Update 2024

Conclusions from the March 2024 update

In fact, there are a lot of questions about how well this update can work because:

  1. How will Google analyze the value of content?
  2. Why are casino, financial credits, etc., sites currently running on old drop domains?
  3. Why is the content clearly written by the Chat GPT  indexed, and extremely trust-worthy sites are dropped from the index?
    Site de-indexed by Google March core/spam Update 2024
  4. Why can't I upload a lot of content? If many copywriters and editors work - should they also upload only a limited number of texts and publications?

So, for now, we can only observe how this update develops, as it is currently difficult to be sure that it will work exactly as stated in the documentation.

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