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How to check if a site is in the index? The main methods of checking indexation

How to check if a site is in the index? The main methods of checking indexation

In web development and optimization, knowing if search engines index your site is essential. Indexing verification becomes a key task if you want to ensure high ranking and visibility. In this article, we will look at the most effective ways to check the indexing of pages and also look at possible reasons that can affect the indexing of your site.

The most effective ways to check page indexing

There are several effective methods to check if your site is indexed:

Use of search engines. An easy way is to type "" into search engines like Google. Your site is indexed correctly if you see a list of indexed pages.

Checking indexing in Google

Using web tools for webmasters. Popular search engines provide webmaster tools like Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools. Here, you can check the indexing status and identify possible problems.

Indexing check in Search Console

Closed site in robots.txt

The robots.txt file can affect indexing. If your site is blocked in robots.txt, search engines may ignore it. Check this file's settings to ensure the pages are available for indexing. You can learn about the main entries in the robots.txt file here

X-Robots-Tag. What is it, and how to solve the blocking of site indexing

X-Robots-Tag is a meta tag that provides additional indexing instructions for search engines. If you're experiencing indexing issues, check this tag and ensure it's configured correctly.

An example of a server response with an X-Robots-Tag that does not allow indexing:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK

Date: Wed, 21 February 2024 12:51:11 GMT


X-Robots-Tag: noindex


Technical and content reasons for bad indexing

  • Technical: sometimes, problems with indexing are related to hosting, so you should contact them and ask if they block any resources that you would like to get on the site. Or find the Logs yourself, download them and take a look.
  • Content: recently, Google has been poorly indexing sites that do not have unique or bad content. Thus, it is worth reviewing the content to ensure it is unique. This tool can help -

How do you forcibly index a site?

You can also forcibly index pages (but only if such a page is open for indexing in robots.txt or meta robots), but we strongly recommend that you still improve the quality of the site and content and deal with all technical errors.

To force indexing, you need to use a special Telegram bot to force index the pages you need. There is a free version for 25 pages, and then 0.01 USD per page.

Checking the indexing of your site is a crucial stage in optimization for search engines. Use available tools and follow technical aspects to ensure optimal indexing. Remember that proper indexing is the key to the success of your web project.

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