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5 extremely useful AI features in Google Ads

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5 extremely useful AI features in Google Ads

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a phrase that has already become a commonly used expression even among those who are not closely related to computers. Significant to its popularity is the widespread attention that advanced AI platforms such as ChatGPT have recently received. However, even before artificial intelligence became a commonly used term, it was already being actively used in digital marketing strategies through platforms such as Google Ads.

Google distinguished itself as one of the pioneers in using artificial intelligence to transform the way online advertising is configured. The introduction of machine learning and automation has helped companies optimise their presence on the Internet and increase the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns.

In this article, we're going to discuss the useful AI features in Google Ads that can improve your ad results, increase customer loyalty, and expand your marketing capabilities.

Let's take a look at how these AI features in Google Ads can improve the success of your advertising campaign:

AI features in Google Ads

Let's take a look at the main features that use artificial intelligence to optimise your Google Ads performance:

1. AI-driven search engine advertising campaigns

With the help of highly advanced machine learning, search engine advertising campaigns powered by artificial intelligence have become extremely smart. They precisely adjust bid strategies, expand match types, and improve ad relevance with incredible accuracy. This evolution makes your targeting not only efficient, but also a strategic process that maximises the return on your investment.

Broad match capabilities have improved significantly over time, allowing you to improve your search ad campaigns. By integrating broad match keywords, applying automated bid strategies, and using adaptive search ads, you're not just expanding your network, but also opening up a wide variety of conversion opportunities that might otherwise have been missed. This way, you open up new opportunities for efficiency and ROI.

AI functions in Google Ads

2. AI features in the Performance Max campaign

By now, most digital marketing professionals are acquainted with Performance Max, an important tool in Google's advertising suite. But do you know about all of its AI-driven features?

Performance Max stands out for its ability to leverage Google's wide range of advertising channels and resources, going beyond traditional search terms to identify all opportunities to increase profitability.

It is designed not only to expand your reach, but also to go deeper into previously unexplored audience segments and conversion opportunities.

AI functions in Google Ads

Essentially, Performance Max uses Google's massive data resources to find potential customers who might otherwise remain undetected, attracting new market segments and user interests. This feature is powered by sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning signals that analyse user behaviour, preferences and trends across the web, offering a more precise and effective approach to targeted advertising.

This feature is powered by sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning signals that analyse user behaviour, preferences and trends across the web, offering a more precise and effective approach to targeted advertising.

3. Automatically generated objects

This tool is great for increasing the relevance of search ads. It creates titles and descriptions based on the context of your ad, such as your landing page and existing ads, improving the quality of your ads. With support of multiple languages, it offers many opportunities for content personalisation. Unfortunately, Ukrainian language is not available yet, but as we know, such solutions are implemented quickly, so it won't be long before it's available. It will look like this:

AI functions in Google Ads

4. Improving Google Analytics 4 metrics

Thanks to artificial intelligence, Google Analytics 4 is a strong metrics tool that can automatically retrieve statistics and predict future consumer trends. This predictive capability is especially valuable for advertisers who want to improve their campaigns for optimal performance and gain a more detailed understanding of their consumer base. Unfortunately, this feature is also not stable (or not working), but we look forward to the ability to make detailed predictions based on actual data.

We'll talk more about GA4 reports later in this blog, when we will describe in detail how GA4 reports can effectively integrate purchase data and revenue forecasts. Subscribe not to miss it.

This resource is designed to provide advertisers with the knowledge to make the most of GA4's advanced reporting features, ensuring that every campaign is supported by data-driven strategies and a clear view of expected financial performance.

5. Optimised targeting

Optimised targeting with AI means a step forward in audience decisions. It's not just about working with the most popular audiences you already know; it also uses signals from across the Google ecosystem to direct you to new, relevant customers. These customers are chosen based on their probability to convert according to your specific campaign goals.

Your understanding of your customer base and their value is crucial - it guides artificial intelligence to create smarter, more relevant matches. When you combine this insight with Google's AI capabilities, you're not just expanding your reach; you're also adjusting it for relevance, which can significantly increase your ROI.

This synergy between your statistics and Google's technology paves the way for more effective campaigns that don't just target for reach, but target for the right kind of reach.

Find the right AI-powered Google Ads feature for your business

In summary, the integration of AI into Google Ads is a significant advancement for digital marketers. It multiplies your knowledge by allowing you to expand your creativity and knowledge with powerful data-driven information.

This technology allows you to go to market faster and more efficiently, finding customers exactly where they are, even in the most unpredictable scenarios. Most importantly, it provides a high return on investment, opening up new opportunities for growth.

By using artificial intelligence in your Google Ads campaigns, you're not just keeping up with digital marketing; you're setting the bar higher by turning challenges into opportunities for success and growth.

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