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"Great" Residential Complex: how to Triple Leads Plan and Reduce CPL in 1,5 time

"Great" Residential Complex: how to Triple Leads Plan and Reduce CPL in 1,5 time

In six months, we managed to increase the growth in the number of leads by 107% and reduce the cost of attracting them by 47% in a highly saturated real estate market, even though the object was a quarter higher price than the market average in the same area.

When we started working on the “Great” RC project (May 2020), there were 144 new buildings in Kyiv, 38 were under construction, and 444 had just been built. The saturation of the capital's real estate market is enormous. And in 2021, it continued to grow.

The downside of this is the segment's high advertising density and price sensitivity. And our object had a 22% higher cost per square meter than the average price per m2 in the same area.

ЖК GreatWe understand that most of our clients (more than 70%) use the Internet to search for their future homes.But, due to high competition in the market, we faced two barriers:

  1. It was challenging to "break through" the client through the dense advertising ‘noise’.
  2. The cost of leads is high, and opportunities to optimize this cost were limited.


  1. We asked our customers in the telegram channel: what do they pay attention to when choosing a place to live? This helped us perfectly combine the product's benefits with the target audience's needs and build our strategy based on the concept - of "Absolute comfort on the first line of the Dnipro River".
  2. The next step - is to launch all the sources of leads contemporaneously but with a single message that could be traced everywhere. Repetition of that message was the main point.

Dozens of tools and platforms: Google and FB Ads, push-mail, real estate aggregator websites, Viber, Telegram and YouTube channels, and others. According to the law of synergy, all sources influenced each other and created a whole brand of RC, in which comfort is above all.

  1. We focused on creating content of such high quality that a person would want to view it many times.  Again and again.

The campaign itself was divided into three stages:

1. The first stage included forming product knowledge, testing insight, and warming the audience. Call tracking from AdSaver helped us to determine the customer's journey. The messages of this stage were emotional and touching.

2. The second stage was aimed at dealing with objections and customer barriers, educating consumers on the quality of building materials, and a detailed review of the benefits of the location and infrastructure of the product. The messages of this stage were rational.

3. In the third stage, we continued to work with barriers and added a few promotions to make the final push.

We used the results of each stage to optimize the next one. The AdSaver Lead Management System has helped us build a look-a-like audience of qualified, targeted leads.

What is the result?

We exceeded the expectations of both the developer and the investors of the “Great” RC.

Goal #1 was to accelerate the sale of apartments by increasing the number of leads by + 40% to the average monthly involvement of leads (or more than 800 leads per month) by May-December 2020.

Our result:

+ 106.8% increase in the number of leads (1218 average number of leads per month) in January-August 2021. 

Goal №2: Reduce the cost of lead -30% to May-December 2020

Our result:

-46.7% reduction in the cost of attracting leads in January-August 2021.

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George Kurbanov

George Kurbanov

CEO SvitSoft

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