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How to return Fb leads after rebranding in development?

How to return Fb leads after rebranding in development?

Chaika is a large residential real estate complex in Chaiky village. It is the largest condominium in Europe. The developer has a good reputation, and 33 houses have been put into operation.


Повернення кількості лідів на Facebook після першого за 13 років ребрендингу фото 1

Our client made the first rebranding in 13 years: changed the website and logo. But immediately, engagement on the Facebook page and the number of leads dropped significantly.

 Ways to solve the problem:

  1. Launching advertising campaigns such as:    

●       Brand awareness.

●       Traffic.  

●       Engagement.  

●       Messages in Messenger.

2. Audience testing in the context of a lead generation campaign.   

3. Developing creatives and ad formats.    

Types of campaigns used:

1) Brand awareness. The campaign aims to show the ad to those users who are more likely to remember it.

 The screenshot shows that this campaign has gained coverage – 110,169, of which 5,090 users are more likely to remember our brand. We also got additional actions: 400 interactions with the landing page and 59 site views.

2) Traffic. The campaign goal: is to attract as many users as possible to the site. 

The following screenshot shows that we got 332 landing page views with the Traffic campaign. Thus, we increased the growth of users on the site.

3) Engagement. The campaign goal: to collect more likes, reposts, and comments by promoting Page's posts.

From this Engagement campaign, we received 1,444 interactions with publications. Based on this data, we assembled a remarketing list and included it in the lead generation campaign targeting.

4) Messages in Messenger. The campaign goal is to encourage users to start conversations with our company. 

From the Messenger campaign, we received 31 conversations. Thirty-one users were curious and wrote to the page to find more information.


5) Lead generation campaign. The campaign aims to increase user interest in the product by filling out a lead form. 

Through the Leadgen campaign, we generated 770 leads. Also, while testing audiences for this campaign, we singled out the ones that worked better.

Tested audiences:

●       Quality of life, sea, sports, leisure. 

●       Remarketing and LookaLike (similar) audiences. 

●       In marriage, relationships, family. 

●       Parents + related interests. 

●       Broad audience with no interests. 

●       Businessmen and business owners.

●       Engaged shoppers who travel regularly. 

We also worked on the creative and format of advertisements

As a result:

● The number of hits increased by 81%.

● The price per hit was reduced by 77%.

And here is the result of our work with the client for five months

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Igor Morozov

Igor Morozov

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