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Google ads for medical services. How to work with restrictions?

Google ads for medical services. How to work with restrictions?

Contextual advertising of medical products and services is prohibited or restricted by law. The feature of Google Adwords is personalized advertising policies. These are the rules that user data is confidential. In our case, it's data on disease and health.

It means that data can not be used in advertising so that the user does not feel that his privacy is violated and some clinic or group of people knows about his problems (spied, overheard, stole information). Clinic sites and healthcare ads receive "Approved with Restrictions" status and cannot be used in audience targeting or remarketing.

Therefore, we decided to focus on search advertising because restrictions are not so strict in this type of campaign. Working out the Ads account structure carefully is the first thing that needs to be done.

There is a particular decision-making model for purchasing medical services:

According to this scheme, we have determined that showing the user the clinic's advertisement in the second stage is vital. 

Thus, we gave the person helpful information and pushed him to the next stage of the conversion funnel.

So, we maximally developed the advertising account structure to match the patient's request. The semantics we divided into

  • Information queries: search for options to close the problem, inquiries with symptoms and diseases.
  • Queries for specializations: campaigns divided into specific areas of medicine.
  • Queries with procedures and diagnostics. Also worked out the keys with the names of methods and medical tests.
  • Target queries: search for a clinic or doctor.
  • Brands of competitors: messages with more interesting conditions and USP.
  • The personal brand of the clinic.

Advertising on the Display network

Due to the peculiarities of medical advertising, we launched the GDN campaign for the test.

We attempted to display ads for a specific audience on search queries on the automatic bidding strategy - the target cost per conversion. Keywords — only with the highest conversions. Our ads received the "Allowed with Restrictions" status, but the campaign worked, generating traffic and conversions.

Let's move to the results.

We tracked calls through our AdSaver call-tracking system. These calls were considered conversions in this project. The advertising results for two months are below:

Also, Google Analytics does not include calls from Google Ads extensions. There were one thousand two hundred and ninety-one calls, which can be seen in the AdSaver client's cabinet because we have allocated a separate static number for extensions.

The client received three thousand one hundred forty-five calls in two months, and 95% of calls were targeted. And the cost of a call was equal to a cup of coffee!

This confirms that individual approaches to each project, detailed structure development, automatic strategies, and campaign optimization give good results.

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